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Super Trash Market

No food was wasted in the making of this game

Super Trash Market: Welcome

We had to make a game about food waste, using RECYCLED assets from an existing IP (Super Trash Heroes). We made a co-operative local multiplayer resource management and supermarket sim. The game consisted of two phases, one in which the players had to prepare how much food to buy for the coming day, whilst maintaining the stock and avoiding wasting too much food, and another in which players had to deal with the unending demands of customers.

We were also tasked with considering Csikszentmihalyi's Flow Theory for the game, and did so by giving a player a reputation stat, which raised as they did well and dropped as they did poorly, a low reputation will reduce the number of customers who come into your store, making the game easier, but resulting in less profit for your business.

Unity Engine - C#

Super Trash Market: Bio
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