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Snek Man

Snake but also Pac-Man

Snek Man: Welcome

I was challenged, as one of my assignments, to make a version of the popular retro game Snake using a low-level engine created by James Huxtable, one of our lecturers. Not one to conform to expectations, I decided to spice up the game of Snake by modifying the mechanics, and ultimately settled on crossing the game with Pac-Man.

The key differences between this game and Snake were:

  • A player is free to cross their own tail, and can only be harmed by hitting a ghost.

  • If a ghost hits Snek-Man's head, that's a game over, but if they hit Snek-Man's tail, part of the tail will be replaced by a deadly ghost.

  • A player scores points by eating the ghosts, which they can do by eating the power pellets.

  • As the player's score improves, more ghosts are added to the game.

ASGE - C++

Snek Man: Bio
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