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Cyber Academy

A game about being careful with computers

Cyber Academy: Welcome

After being a runner up in the UWE Cyber Security Game Jam 2017, we were chosen to develop our game further, but also asked to redevelop the game completely, we did so in the form of Cyber Academy, which took the 5 key principles of cyber security that we were asked to highlight, and turning each of them into a minigame.

  • Don't insert USB sticks you found lying around into your PC

  • Don't share your password with people

  • Log out of public computers when you're not using them

  • Use strong passwords

  • Learn how to identify phishing scams

The game was ported onto an arcade machine and demonstrated at UWE Cyber Security Week 2017.

For this game I made the USB stick minigame, the phishing minigame, and the password sharing puzzle. I also designed the world and the characters and programmed some of the "overworld" behaviour.

Unity Engine - C#

Cyber Academy: Bio
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