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Birdman the Game

You have to spit on people, which is what I took away from Birdman

Birdman the Game: Welcome

As a team of three we had to make a game based on the film Birdman. In the hopes of having our game as far from any other game as possible, we decided to focus on a specific moment in the film, in which two characters are playing Truth or Dare on the roof, and one character dares another to spit on someone below.

The game was inspired by Peggle as we assigned bounce physics to the spit and scored players based on a number of factors when they completed the level.

We also took on the new challenge of designing the game to be played on a game pad.

My primary contributions to this project were developing the simple 2D physics system, and the level scoring breakdowns. The team contributed more or less equally to the design of the game.

ASGE - C++

Birdman the Game: Bio
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